1. Guitar Amps

  2. Bass Amps

  3. Drum Sets

  4. Percussion

  5. Plexiglass Drum Shields

Backline Services:

  1. Keyboards

  2. Pianos

  3. Organs

  4. Music Stands

  5. Rolling Risers

  6. DJ Equipment

  1. Wireless Mics

  2. Wireless Guitar Units

  3. Wireless Horn Mics

  4. Wireless In-Ear Monitors

  5. Stage Monitor Systems

  1. We provide Backline for Bands of all sizes from National Touring Acts to small Local Artists. 

  2. J&S carries:  Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Taylor, Ovation, GK, SWR, Hartke, Eden, Ampeg, Kurzweil, Roland, Korg, Hammond, Yamaha, DW, Pearl, LP. And Many More.