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We have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) names in the industry, for both public events and for private parties.  Send us a copy of their Production Rider and we will take care of the details.

  1. National Acts

  2. Local Acts

  3. Street Fairs

  4. Backline Services

  1. Sound for Radio and TV Broadcasts/Simulcasts

  2. Podcasts

  3. Webcasts

  4. Live Recording - Pro Tools and Cubase Capturing

Headline Talent in a Warehouse

All-Star Metal Band in a Ballroom

Headline Talent in the Street

Company Party in a Casino Ballroom

Company Band in a Park

Mariachi Festival in an Outdoor Amphitheater

Rockin’ Corporate Party

Concert in Golden Hall

St. Patrick’s Day Parking Lot Party

Smaller Street Fair

Larger Street Fair

80’s R&B Band in a Community Center

Gospel Concert on the USS Midway