Consulting and Event Design

We bring Real World experience and expertise to your project.

Event Design:

Let us help you plan your entire event.

  1. Room Diagrams

  2. Logistics

  3. Electrical Needs

  4. Technical Aspects of the Venue

Wireless Microphone Frequency Coordination:

Wireless Microphones are fantastic tools, when they work.  The biggest problems with Wireless Mics are finding enough open channels and getting enough range out of a Wireless Mic when people walk through the performance area.  We have the tools and experience to pinpoint and solve these problems for you.  Using one of our Scanners we can see not only the frequency and strength of Your Wireless Mics but also other Wireless units that may be causing problems for you.  We routinely Coordinate events with 10 to 40 Wireless Mics in addition to other RF units.


Having problems with your system?  Let us inspect your current set up and advise you on exactly what you need.  Sometimes a simple adjustment or replacing one piece of equipment can solve most issues.

System Calibration:

We also calibrate both permanently installed and temporary systems.  Everything from simple rewiring to adjusting settings can make a huge difference in performance.


While we do not do Permanent Installation of Sound, Lighting and Video Systems, we will act as an impartial 3rd party to make sure you get the final System you actually need and want.

Many installers push inferior brands that look like professional equipment (and have a nice profit margin) but may not necessarily be what you need.  We can also help keep you on budget by offering alternative avenues for purchasing the equipment you need.

We also have years of experience organizing and running events.  Many installers, while good at what they do, just don’t have that real world experience needed to design a system that will fulfill all of your current and future needs.

  1. Event Timing

  2. Show Direction

  3. Script Supervising

  4. Scenery and Décor