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  1. LED Lights

  2. Moving Lights

  3. Battery Powered Uplights

  4. Par Cans: S4 & Traditional

  5. Lekos (Ellipsodials)

  1. Ground Support Systems

  2. Box Truss

  3. Round Truss

  4. Rigging & Motors

Stage and Décor Lighting:

  1. Spot Lights

  2. Stringers

  3. Fiber Drapes

  4. Drape

  5. Cyc (Color Changing Backdrops)

LEDs & Lekos in a Tent

School Fundraiser, Moving Lights in Side Room over Dance Floor

Lights & Speakers hanging from Truss

Casino Ballroom, Ground Support System

Moving Lights on Ballroom Ceiling

“Cirque Style” Show at the Hotel Del Coronado Stage and Aerial Acts

Concert In the Gaslamp

Source Four Pars and MAC 700 Moving Head Intelligent Lights

Stringer Lights & Area Lighting

YMCA Fundraiser in the Parking Lot

30’ wide Cyc with Moving Lights

Financial Group Final Night, “Cirque Style” Show in Vegas

LED Moving Lights

JBLED A7  and MAC 700 Moving Head Intelligent Lights

Ground Support System in a Ballroom

60’ x 60’ Thomas Super Truss, More Cost-Effective than Hotel Rigging Charges

20’ Round Truss with Fitted Spandex

Can be used to make “Eyes”.  We can also get 10’, 13’, 30’ & 50’ Round Truss 

35’ wide Cyc, Moving Lights & Lekos

Shipping Association, Band Playing During Dinner Final Night